Architects rejoice! We’ve created two simple, yet powerful tools for drawing accurate walls and piping in SketchUp!

With the SketchPlus wall tool, you can draw your walls in the same way you draw lines. New walls snap perpendicular and cleanly merge with other walls saving tons of time! You can choose to draw walls using bottom-left, bottom-middle, or bottom-right reference points. To change the width and height of the wall, just type in the desired dimensions in the measurements box.

And last, but not least, walls stay locked to the same Z elevation as you draw making it easy to draw accurately while referencing other points in the model at other elevations.

Wall Tool

Create piping, handrails, foundation piles, round ducting, circular columns, cables, and more using the powerful SketchPlus pipe tool!

The tool allows you to set the diameter and bend radius and automatically snaps to the centerline of previously drawn pipes. You can even preselect edges in your model to generate pipes along. Pipe bends are added automatically at the desired radius, or you can set the bend radius to zero to use miter joints.

Pipe Tool

We have even more tools coming to help you draw your buildings and interior spaces quickly and easily. But why wait when you could be saving valuable time right now?